Style Icon: Bella Thorne

I think Bella is one of the prettiest young ladies I have ever seen. She is very elegant but expresses her style with modesty and a bit of an edgy feel. I love her new haircut, the curl is defiantly the best on her. I really just admire her fashion sense and makeup sense as well. What do you guys think?

Style Icon: Eliza Bennett
Written By Celena Carter

I absolutely adore Eliza Bennett! as a style Icon as an Actress! and I first fell in love with her when I watched the 2007 Film "INKHEART" which I also love! you can view the book on Goodreads. Eliza's Style is a bit edgy but still casual, And I think really unique. The biggest part of Eliza's look is I think the way she can look edgy and still be light and feminine. Until next time, Keep smiling pretty!

Chanel Copycat
Written By Celena Carter
Good day to everyone! I have recently received an  ASOS Purse for my Birthday! And I am very thankful for it, My sister bought it for me because she knew I adored Chanel's handbag selection, and that Chanel was a bit too pricey for my taste. So she purchased this one! a good enough look alike to me! it's sort of hard to see but mine is in Nude and it's the quilted across body bag! I'll put the link below! 

Style Icon: Liz Gillies
Written By Celena Carter
I have always adored Liz Gillies style, she wears a lot of blacks and subdued colors but plays them very well. They look elegant and artistic! I adore her Hair the length the cut and the curl. And you really can't fail to notice Liz's statement eyebrows she makes thin look so graceful, It's just something about the way she carries her self with the makeup and the jewelry it just works! 

Style Icon: Ariana Grande
Written By Celena Carter
Ariana Grande has always been a fashion Icon for me, her style is feminine and light with a Vintage twist!
Her figure and body are both gorgeous and graceful! Anything that is comfortable and stylish goes! I adore her figure and posh outfits, her hair is lovely and long and natural! What do you guys think?

Summer Shimmer
Written By Celena Carter

Summer is finally here!
Lustre Dusting Powder

My personal favorite! I adore everything about it, the sun, outdoors, food, clothing, swimming, biking you name it! so while your out doing all these crazy fun things you could add a bit of Shimmer to the event! I haven't tried Lustre, but I really want to! It seems like the perfect balance between, shimmer and glow. Plus I adore Lush products. So feel free to take a look at the site, and Enjoy!


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