Second Summer Playlist
Written By Celena Carter

  1. Always Know Where you are By John Rzeznik
  2. I'm Still Here By John Rzeznik 
  3. Shake By Victoria Justice
  4. Hayley Westenra's Album "Paradiso" 
  5. Hushabye Mountain By Hayley Westenra
  6. Anchor By Mindy Gledhill 
  7. Bennie And The Jets By Haley Reinhart 
  8. Hallelujah By Hanna Pestle
  9. Nocturne By Celtic Woman
  10. What's left of The Flag By Flogging Molly

Coming Albums You have To Check Out!

  1. Mindy Gledhill's New Album Pocketful of Stars is coming In  November (Rumored)
  2. Ariana Grande's New Album Yours Truly coming Late August early September (Rumored)
  3. Hayley Westenra's New Album Hushabye is out now

DIY Drive In Movie

Create your own Drive in Movie with a Projector Screen, Lights Comfy pillows and snacks!

Health & Fitness Plan

My Health and Fitness plan simple and healthy!

Get up at 6:00 Mini workout session, ( 20 Squats, 20 Tricep Dips, 20 Side Leg-Lifts)
Breakfast is usually fruit with an oat or Protein.

School/ Other activities for the day.

Lunch is Salad, Hummus, Peppers, Soy Chicken/ Soy Bacon etc. I'm trying to lay off the Starches.

Be active and happy! My sister and I love to Run 7 days a week and weight train four days of the week.

Dinner is Veggies, Salad, or More fruit  No Starches.

 My Health Tips and Rules I live by!

Remember Small portions and snack when your hungry in between meals, never leave yourself hungry. Make sure to snack on nutrient dense foods. I love Almonds with dried fruit! or you could get a handful of Grapes or a spoonful of Almond/Cashew Butter! 

Only eat when you are hungry Not Bored. 

When your stomach growls it usually means your thirsty, so make sure you really are hungry before eating your snack/Meal.

When you are carving something, Don't go for the Cupcake, (Unless it's your cheat day! My sister and I have a cheat day every Month, we go out and get Scones, Cupcakes, Muffins etc.) Instead go for the Healthy Snack, Almonds, Hummus, Grapes. And remember how much better your Cheat day Sweet/Meal will taste if your good the rest of the Week/Month.

Inspiration is important, I like Ariana Grande as a sort of Role Model, her body is beautiful ,healthy! Fit and Feminine! Imagining yourself at your goal can help it works a lot for me.

Focusing on Calories is sort of a bother to me, if you are sure your eating healthy, than you really don't have to worry! your eating when your hungry and it's Good Nutritious Food going into your body! Problem Solved! 

Remember it takes Consistency, and Determination to get into shape and 21 days to form a good habit, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Drink a glass of water before or during your meal or in between bites for a fuller happier belly!

80% Health and 20% Fitness, Health is the MOST important part of getting into good shape, you really have to make sure you are eating clean healthy food!

Drink Two cups of Green Tea a day, this will help detox your body and keeps your gums healthy!

Giving yourself a Cheat day is really helpful to me! it doesn't work for everyone, but I like to eat really sweet and decadent things for my Cheat day Once a month!

Try to eat as clean as possible, Raw fruit, Grilled or steamed Veggies, Health Bars, (I really like Clif Bars)
No fast food! Try to cook at home as much as possible and if your going to the restaurant you can follow these tips Restaurant Tips

No Starches after three! Unless you ate pretty light the rest of the day.

And that's about it! I hope you guys enjoyed this! and can get some results! have a lovely day!

Soy Chicken Sandwich
Written By Celena Carter
For Supper I usually have a Salad or a sandwich, If I ate pretty light earlier in the day I can allow myself a Starch after three or so. But I usually eat salads or Grilled Veggies. So I buy the Morning Star Soy Chicken Patties. And I put whole wheat Bread on top, with some Lettuce and a Dash of Mayo! And That's Supper!

Clif Bar
Written By Celena Carter
For Lunch I try to have something more portable because I'm usually going on Bike rides or going places on walks etc. So I love Clif Bars! they are full of energy and they taste amazing! Larabars, Luna Bars and Kashi Bars are all a good choice as well! So I had Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar and a Glass of Silk Pure Coconut Milk! And that's Lunch!

Bacon & Apples
written By Celena Carter
Hello everyone!  I thought I might do a little picture food diary for the day. So I'll start with breakfast.
I usually have a fruit some sort of protein and a starch. I make sure I'm eating really healthy, So whole grain and whole wheat products. The Bacon is Soy bacon and I have one of my Tea cups from Teavana filled with  a Wildberry Chocolate Tea from the Sweet Decadence Collection. and I added Brown Sugar on top of the Bacon, some Apples and that's Breakfast! 

 Summer Reading List
  written By Celena Carter

  1. Entwined By Heather Dixon
  2. The Vanishing Sculptor By Donita K. Paul
  3. The Treachery of Beautiful Things By Ruth Frances Long
  4. Percy Jackson and The Olympians By Rick Riordan 
  5. The Spiderwick Chronicles By Holly Black
Goodreads is a really cool sight that has loads of Books! you can check it out here! GOODREADS

Summer Playlist
written By Celena Carter

  1.  Learn Me Right by Mumford and Sons Featuring Birdy
  2. Anchor By Mindy Gledhill
  3. Now We Are Free by Celtic Thunder
  4. Lazy Days by Enya
  5. Over the Rainbow/ Simple Gifts by Piano Guys
  6. Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root
  7. Green Grow The Rushes by Celtic Woman
  8. Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis
  9. Peponi (Paradise) by The Piano Guys
  10. Hushabye Mountain by Hayley Westenra


  1. I love your Summer Reading List!!! So many great suggestions!

    Miranda Carter