Tips On Traveling
Written By Celena Carter
  1. Pack light, you'll feel better about it after you reach your destination, it won't be so heavy and bothersome, and you usually don't use half of what you pack! Only pack the Essentials, and don't forget to pick outfits that will be easy to flatten, and or Roll. 
  2. Try to choose Outfits that can be matched to each other, like a little fashion line, Blues, Reds, Whites, Greys. That way you can mix and match making three outfits look like six!
  3. Bringing less separate pieces and more attached like dresses and rompers will give you more room!
  4. For shoes, I would recommend a Cute pair of Floral or lace flats that can be easily packed and located! making them comfortable and chic!
  5. Putting individual sacks or cases inside the Truck can help make more room!


written By Celena Carter

I adore these Trunks! I've always liked Trunks better than Suitcases, I think they are much classier and protective! I would suggest a floral or Polka-Dot pattern for a light and feminine look!

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  1. ADORE!!!! Belle & Magnifique!!

    Miranda Carter