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Restaurant Tips/ Eating Out

Eating out can be a bit risky and scary if your lifestyle is built up on Healthy Clean eating like mine! So here are some tips that make it a little less scary!

Restaurant Tips

Remember to Order something on the menu that doesn't include Buttered, Fried, Creamy, or Extra Cheesy!

Ordering something on the menu that includes Grilled, Baked, Fresh, Organic, Light and Steamed are perfect choices!

Only eat half your meal and save the rest for Home, or leave it there

Getting a fizzy drink or sugary beverage isn't the wisest or Healthiest choice Sodas can be surprisingly high in calories and the carbonation will live you bloated and angry, I would recommend a water with lemon, the citrus helps fight hunger pains, and will leave you refreshed and happy! 

Eating soup as an Appetizer can help curb your hunger, if it's broth it's light and warm which  fills you up more and isn't a belt buster

Putting any dressings or cheeses on the sides can help limit the amount put on the food

Taking small bites and truly savoring each one can really help with not over eating, and realizing when your full

All right that is about it! hope you guys are having a charming day! Keep Smiling  Pretty!

French Macaroons
Written By Celena Carter
French Macaroons are by far My Favorite!

Sweet Decadence Tea Set
Written By Celena Carter
This is an adorable Tea selection! I love the flavors! they have fruit flavored Teas and Chocolate Flavored! Caramel and Sea salt! they are delicious! and the Tea cups come with it! they include a Tea Strainer inside and are the perfect size! I would highly recommend this set to anyone who is a fanatic for Tea!

Written By Celena Carter
I adore this presentation of Macaroons! and the plate is adorable! My mouth is watering for these Macaroons! so elegant!

written By Celena Carter

Dear Readers, I have been wanting to try Ratatouille ever since I watched the Disney Pixar Animated movie "RATATOUILLE" it seemed like such a good dish to enjoy! I believe it is all Vegetable based, So I thought it would be a good savory meal to have that does not include meat, Seeing as I am a Vegetarian.
So if any of you have tried it please do tell if it is spectacular! And if you want to cook some yourself here is a recipe for Ratatouille! enjoy!

written By Celena Carter

I don't know about the rest of you, but Macaroons are my most favorite of all sweets! 
They are soft and crunchy, And as light as a cloud, Oh! and I adore the Colors and flavors! My personal favorite is Fig and Pistachio! The picture above is from a darling little shoppe in Chicago IL 
Pierrot Gourmet, I visited their with my Grandmamma, and that was the first time I ever had a Macaroon! It was (As sad as this sounds) one of the best experiences of my we little life! If you have not had this could fluff then run out of your house right now, it doesn't matter what you are doing, GO and eat a piece of French Cloud Fluff!!!
If you would like to make some on your own here is a Macaroon recipe 

Gourmet Twist on Egg Salad
written By Celena Carter

Hello everyone! I have always loved Egg Salad/ Egg Salad Sandwiches the lot of it! but I realize the Calorie count can get a bit risky. So I've come up with a really simple recipe that anyone can do and enjoy! You still get the taste and texture of an original Egg Salad, but less calories and a much classier attire! so without further Adieu here is it!


    Boil Eggs and Peel.




    One Tablespoon of Mayonnaise 
    ( Mine is a bit shy of a TBSP)


    One Tablespoon of Mustard


    Mix together


    Now you can pick whichever Presentation suits your fancy!
    Add a Pinch of Paprika and your set! Enjoy!

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  1. I tried the Gourmet Twist on Egg salad, and loved it!!! Wonderful idea!

    Miranda Carter